Sunday, 11 August 2013


    Lynton Crosby’s alleged, by Labour, conflict of interest, was big news for the BBC, instantly becoming a major story.   Tim Yeo’s green industry conflict of interest was of no interest at all. Remarkably nor is the alleged green industry conflict of interest of Lib-Dem Peer Lord Stephen: Lord Stephen facing questions over wind farm ‘empire’ A Liberal Democrat peer was today facing questions over his support for wind … Continue reading 

Transported From Gaza’s ‘Open Prison’ To The Aussie Outback

    The population of Gaza is a highly political issue: “Many who oppose Israel’s arms blockade of Gaza claim that the territory is “an open-air prison” and “the most densely populated place on earth.”   The BBC’s Jon Donnison knows this well…which is no doubt why he emphasises Gaza’s population density in a parting shot at Israel as he disappears off to Australia: From little Gaza to chunky Australia …Continue reading 

Only Fools And Not Arses

    Once again the BBC demonstrate a peculiarly selective way of reporting important events from around the world.  An Aussie election candidate makes a fool of herself and the BBC are all over it, they were reporting it yesterday and remarkably it was still going strong on the news this morning: Islam gaffe candidate Banister quits Australia election   A nothing of a story in the scale of things….unless … Continue reading