Wednesday, 21 August 2013

“His comments about Israel are wrong and destructive”

The deputy spokesperson for the White House laid heavy criticism on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who said that Ankara has proof of Israeli involvement in the removal of former Egyptian president Morsi

Aug 21, 2013, 01:51PM | Ainav Weisberg
“Baseless comments”. Erdogan
“Baseless comments”. Erdogan Photography: AP
The US heavily criticized Turkish Prime Minister Rajip Taip Erdogan’s claims yesterday (Tuesday), after he accusing Israel of having a hand in the overthrow in Egypt.
“We condemn the statements made by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, according to which Israel is responsible in some way for the riots in Egypt and see them as destructive comments that have no basis at all and are fundamentally wrong” said Josh Ernest, deputy spokesperson for the White House during a press briefing.  
The government condemns. Obama
The government condemns. Obama Photography: Reuters
In a speech to his party members, Erdogan heavily criticized the western countries’ conduct in the Egyptian matter. “It seems the west need to learn what democracy is, they need to learn the definition because that is what was in Egypt” said the Turkish Prime Minister. “Who is behind this? Israel – we have proof of it”.
Erdogan quoted a 2011 conversation he overheard between the Turkish Law Minister and a French-Jewish intellectual. “The Muslim Brothers will not be in government even if they win the elections” Erdogan said of the conversation between the two, words he thinks represent the western world’s perception.  
“Suddenly the west begins saying that democracy isn’t only determined in the ballot box” the Turkish Prime Minister stressed. “But we (the Turkish people) know that the ballot box represents the wishes of the people”.  
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