Monday, 12 August 2013

Israeli commander: Hezbollah more ready than ever for any war

'“Hezbollah’s involvement in the war in Syria has not disrupted its preparedness for a war with Israel - the opposite is true,” said Colonel Yaron Formosa, a chief artillery officer of the Israeli regime, in an interview with Ynetnews on Wednesday.
He added that Hezbollah is closely monitoring the Israeli army’s activities along the border. “We saw them marking the positions of our artillery guns so they can target them in a war,” Formosa said. He added that Hezbollah fighters have become proficient in the use of advanced weapons due to the fighting against the militants in Syria.'


Prince Charles office says he has a right to contact government on policy

'Official records show Prince Charles has held at least 36 private meetings with cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister David Cameron himself, to discuss policy since the coalition government took office in May 2010.
Charles has met Cameron seven times while he has held talks with Cameron’s ministers dozens of times to discuss matters “he chooses”, the Daily Mail reported. This is while the prince is required to be politically neutral but cabinet minister have conceded that his letters to them contained “most deeply held personal views and beliefs” on matters he should avoid.'