Friday, 16 August 2013

Jonathan Pollard: Restoring Israel to greatness

By JONATHAN POLLARD The Jerusalem Post  16/08/2013

Speaking up for the first time in 28 years, Pollard reserves some tough 
words for Israel; says that a country with no respect for the dead has no 
respect for the living.

When tragedy strikes anywhere in the world, the State of Israel is always 
among the first to offer help, sending experienced rescue teams, portable 
hospitals and world-class medical experts to the scene. Israel is a world 
leader in medical research, farming technology, and military innovation. The 
country that made the desert bloom is the undisputed champion of hi-tech 
innovation, all of which it generously shares with the world.

Unfortunately, when it comes to morale, the State of Israel has the 
distinction of holding a number of world records which no other country 
would want.

Over the last six decades, Israel’s leaders and its judiciary have practiced 
the art of political expedience to such a degree that Israel is now the 
first and only country in the world to hold the following dubious “honors”:

• Israel is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily expel its own 
citizens from chunks of its homeland in order to hand over the land to its 

• It is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily destroy the homes 
and businesses of its own citizens, leaving them with shattered lives and 
broken promises.

• Israel is the only country in the world ever to voluntarily dig up and 
transport the graves of its dead so that the land could be turned over to 
its enemies.

The State of Israel also holds unenviable world records for betraying those 
who serve the state, including the following:

• Israel is the only country in the world to restrain its military from 
rescuing a wounded soldier, for fear of provoking the enemy and risking its 
approval ratings with the world. The soldier, injured by enemy gunfire at a 
Jewish holy site, slowly bled to death needlessly while the IDF stood by and 

• Israel also remains the only country in the world ever to voluntarily 
cooperate in the prosecution of its own intelligence agent, refusing him 
sanctuary, turning over the documents to incriminate him, denying that the 
state knew him, and then allowing him to rot in a foreign prison for decades 
on end, cravenly forgoing its right to simple justice for the nation and for 
the agent.

• Additionally, Israel is still the only country in the world ever to 
violate its own system of justice by repeatedly releasing dangerous, 
unrepentant murderers and terrorists back into the civilian population with 
impunity. No other country in the world has ever done this! In summary, 
Israel has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world so 
befuddled by moral ambiguity that it is willing to dishonor its dead, betray 
its bereaved, and disgrace its citizens for the sake of political 

Earlier this week, the State of Israel began the staged release of some of 
the worst murderers and terrorists the world has ever seen. Twenty-six out 
of the 104 murderers scheduled for release went free on Tuesday. Many are 
serving multiple life sentences for their heinous crimes and their many 

The blood of their victims cries out from the grave at this affront to human 
decency. Their cries go unheard.

The bereaved families of the victims beg and plead not to free the savage 
murderers of their loved ones. Their entreaties are ignored.

All the polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of Israeli citizens 
are opposed to the release of the murderers. It is a strange kind of 
democracy that pays no heed whatsoever to the will of the people.

No Israeli official has advanced a single compelling reason in support of 
the wholesale release of these murderers and terrorists. The claim that it 
“serves national interests” is spurious. There is no national interest that 
supersedes morality.

The second-most touted excuse is that the government of Israel was given 
three existentially threatening choices by its best ally, and the least 
damaging choice of the three was the release of murderers and terrorists.

Did anyone at the helm ever consider that given three life-threatening 
choices, the only response is: “No, no and no!”?

Overriding all objections, the government of the State of Israel is bound 
and determined to release the murderers, whose victims are not all dead. 
Some have been maimed, crippled and disfigured for life. Others show no 
external scars but have had parents, children and loved ones amputated from 
their lives. No one sees the broken hearts that will never stop bleeding for 
their loss.

Authentic Jewish tradition teaches in great detail how to relate to the dead 
with honor and reverence. The dead are not only keepers of the past; they 
are our teachers, our moral guides and our inspiration for the future. A 
country with no respect for the dead has no respect for the living.

A sovereign state which is capable of dishonoring its dead by freeing their 
murderers and tormenting their bereaved loved ones has, in essence, 
discarded all of the moral underpinnings of its own existence.

Nor should it come as any surprise – as any student of history knows – that 
no country can survive without a clearly defined moral infrastructure.

The Land of Israel is eternal and the State of Israel has temporal 
stewardship over the land. The corrosive moral ambiguity that has brought us 
to this dreadful day is relentlessly eating away at the legitimacy of the 
state’s continued role as legal guardian of the land. The prognosis is dire.

Only a reawakening of national resolve and a rebirth of ethical politics 
rooted in national selfrespect, moral rectitude and courage of conviction 
can guarantee the future. No political process devoid of these fundamental 
values will ever end the agony or the fear for the State of Israel.

It is clearly time for an historic restoration.
Jonathan Pollard is completing his 28th year of an unprecedented life 
sentence in an American prison for his activities on behalf of Israel.