Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

DEBKAFile Reports Syrian Army Used Poison Gas

Intelligence Site Says Sarin Fired by Brigade Led by Assad's Brother

A so-called red line hasn't been crossed; it's been obliterated … by Syria and Iran. 

DEBKAfile reports: "The facts are known and the evidence is present. And the price for refusing to come down to earth and putting an immediate stop to this horrifying precedent may be unimaginably grim – not just for Israel and Jordan – but for the rest of the Middle East and beyond.

"Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented Thursday, Aug. 22 that Iran is using Syria as its testing ground while closely monitoring international responses to its actions.

"His remark followed the four Grad rockets fired on northern Israel the day after the chemical attack in East Damascus."

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Comment: The atrocity must not go unpunished. International intervention is necessary. 

The situation in Syria didn't have to develop as it did. But it's too late for might-have-beens. Now is the time to act--against Syria and Iran, which is bent on building atomic bombs and warheads for its ICBMs. 

Mark Twain was right. History doesn't repeat--it rhymes. Syria is 1930s Spain--without the clear moral divide. Except for innocent civilians and a possibly decent small opposition, there are no good guys in Syria. Sunni clerical fascists are fighting a mass murdering secular fascist regime backed by Shiite clerical fascists--and authoritarian Russia. 

But that's no excuse for inaction.