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Special Dispatch|5397| August 11, 2013

UAE Cleric Wassim Yousuf Slams Preachers Who Incite Arab Youth To Go On Jihad

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by UAE cleric Sheik Wassim Yousuf.  
Sheikh Wassim Yousuf is an influential young preacher from UAE whose Friday sermons are attended by hundreds of his admirers. Yousuf hosts "Ru’ya," a TV show aired on Noor Dubai channel. His official Twitter account, @waseem_yousef, has nearly 300,000 followers.
The sermon was posted on the Internet on June 14, 2013.

"In All The Countries Of The Islamic Nation, People Applaud Falsehood And Lose Their Security, Because They Listen To The Preachers Of Civil Strife"

Wassim Yousuf: "The reason for all that is happening in the world today is the preachers of civil strife and falsehood. We have never seen anything good come out of them. In all the countries of the Islamic nation, people applaud falsehood and lose their security, because they listen to the preachers of civil strife.
"One of these preachers called through the media for people to set out on jihad. When his own son set out – and I swear by God that this is true... When his son set out to join the jhad in a certain Arab country, the preacher pleaded with the foreign minister to bring his son back – as if the children of other Muslims were nothing but riffraff, while his own son was the pure one. He called for jhad, but prevented his own son from going.
"These ulema of civil strife fly first class, and gather to say, through the media, that jihad is obligatory. Why don't they go to wage jihad themselves? Islam is about action, not about words. I swear by Allah that I am embarrassed to speak about jihad, because I am not engaged in it. They speak and preach and tell people to go wage jihad, while their children attend the best schools. These preachers fly first class to preach jihad to the people.
"In the meanwhile, security is lost in their own countries. When the revolutions broke out in Arab countries, they applauded them, but when this happened in their own countries, and in places where they would visit as tourists, they kept silent and did not utter a word. Why? Because they follow their own whims, not the religion." [...]

"In The Name Of Religion, They Accuse People Of Being Sinners And Infidels, And Sanction Their Killing"

"In the name of religion, they accuse people of being sinners and infidels, and sanction their killing. They do everything in the name of religion. How long will things go on like this? They shed the blood of Muslims everywhere with their false fatwas. One of them, [Egyptian cleric Izzat Attiya], said that a woman should breastfeed her male co-worker, thus becoming his sister!
"Another cleric, [Muhammad Al-Shanar from Saudi Arabia], prohibited women from traveling [to Dubai], due to 'abominations.'
"Yet another preacher, [Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Badi'], issued the most shameful fatwas. He said that the destruction of the Ka'ba – the guiding light of Muslims, toward which they pray – is less significant, in the eyes of Allah, than the shedding of Muslim blood. But then, Muslim blood is shed for the sake of a throne, due to false fatwas, issued by people who seek riches...
"Before these preachers appear on TV, they sign contracts for million. I am familiar with these contracts. They sign contracts worth millions in order to preach Islam to the people. Then they meet in an Arab country, and call on the youth to set out on jihad. What about your son? What about yourself?
"They collected donations from the Muslims, but afterwards, the people for whom it was donated received nothing. Where did it all go?
"All they care about is politics. These pulpits of Allah's Messenger have become purely political. Any preacher who ascends this pulpit and cruses the ruler becomes a hero of the nation of Islam." [...]
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