Friday, 23 August 2013

Stamp Duty is already a heavy burden on people who need to move. But it is going to get a lot worse. New TPA research out today - as part of our StampOutStampDuty.orgcampaign - shows that, if prices rise as the experts at Savills Research expect, then the number of people paying the 3% rate or more will increase from around a quarter of those moving today to well over a third in five years’ time. In London, 83% of properties will pay 3% or more. The Government needs to act now and do something about this deeply unfair tax before more people are trapped by punitive Stamp Duty rates.
- Matt Sinclair, Chief Executive

How will Stamp Duty rise in your area?

The full report is available here. But you can also accessmuch more detailed data for your area here. Please help us spread the word about the StampOutStampDuty.orgcampaign if you can.

Islington Council waste £240k on 'dog squad' failure

Islington Council has disbanded its controversial ‘dog squad’– the biggest in the country – after it spent around £240k in three months from May last year, but caught fewer offenders than it did the year before.

Cider Tax campaign in Somerset

The TPA branch in the South West took their campaign against cider tax to the Mid-Somerset Show last weekend.Next week our branch in Kent will be getting involved too. Let us know by replying to this email if you would like to join in.

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