Friday, 16 August 2013

Stamp Duty makes it much more expensive than it should be to buy and sell a home. The tax on a £300,000 house is £9,000. There are some people who cannot avoid that bill, they have to move. But it is such a big bill that many others will simply stay put. If someone doesn't move because of high rates of Stamp Duty, they are not just worse off themselves. They won't pay any Stamp Duty and lots of other goods and services won't be bought, meaning jobs won't be created, growth won't happen and taxes won't be collected. Politicians should admit that Stamp Duty is not the great source of tax revenue they sometimes make it out to be. They should seize the opportunity: the Government can make serious cuts in Stamp Duty.
- Matt Sinclair, Chief Executive

Stamp Duty rates and revenue

New research that we have commissioned from Walbrook Economics looks at what the relationship between Stamp Duty rates and property transaction volumes means for tax revenues. I wrote about the research for the Daily Telegraph.

Matthew Elliott’s advice for the Labour Party

TPA Founder Matthew Elliott wrote for The Times about how welfare reform, scrapping the white elephant HS2 project and a referendum on the EU could enormously strengthen the Labour Party’s position ahead of the next election.

Stamp Out Stamp Duty events

Our activists have been out in Islington, Canterbury andCardiff. Reply to this email if you would like to organise a stall in your area and please take a second to message your MP at

Any Questions?

Last week I appeared on the Radio 4 topical discussion programme. You can listen here.

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