Monday, 12 August 2013

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main headlineLabour's 'half-baked' ploy to join immigration debate backfires
Shadow minister Chris Bryant forced to backtrack on Radio 4 as Tesco speech gets the facts wrong
Wages in UK have fallen 5.5% since mid-2010, figures show
Only Greek, Portuguese and Dutch wage-earners have fared worse; Germans have had a 2.7% rise
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main headlineTen Things You Need to Know Today: Monday 12 Aug 2013
Fracking benefits outweigh risks - PM, Labour in Tesco's migrant worker row, Prince 'lobbying' in private meetings...
Morsi supporters brace for new assault by Egyptian army
Threat of more bloodshed if interim government takes heavy-handed approach to dispersing protest camps
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main headlineThe Business: company news and financial talking points
Summer heatwave boosts spending, jobs data may force Carney rethink...
Prince Charles accused of an 'incontinence of lobbying'
Prince of Wales has held 36 private meetings with cabinet ministers since the 2010 election
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main headlineCitizen Bezos: why does he want the Washington Post?
Amazon boss has felt the heat from newspapers in the past: now he's going to own one of the biggest
Same Deep Water as Me is 'hugely enjoyable' comedy
Writer of 'Constellations' tackles the compensation culture in sharply observant new play at Donmar
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