Friday, 16 August 2013

today's Crux update: 

RISK ON, RISK OFF: The details on today's big moves in stocks, bonds, oil, and gold 
"The market is beginning to get a little nervous..."

Must-see: Retired Marine colonel says what most Americans are afraid to admit 
"Let's not kid about it..."

Ten top dividend stocks growing payouts by more than 20% a year 
"Aggressive dividend growth over the past five years..."

New discovery shows we know much less about our world than most people think 
"The world is not yet completely explored, its most basic secrets not yet revealed..."

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A Real, Cash-In-Your-hand 30% Dividend 
Why isn't anyone talking about THE most outrageous dividends in the public markets? Dividends so large and so safe you could, quite literally, live off of them. 

Trader alert: This "key" market sector is officially in bear market territory 
Down over 20% in just the last 90 days...

Warning: If you use Google products, this may shock you 
"Now they tell us..."

Today's entertainment: 40 maps that will help you "make sense of the world" 
"Maps can really help bring data and information to life..."

Why this could be a great time to buy that new or pre-owned car you've been considering 
"There’s never been a better time for a typical American to own and operate a car..."


Justin Brill
Managing Editor, The Daily Crux