Saturday, 10 August 2013


Associated Press retracts bogus North Pole lake photo

'The Associated Press issued a formal retraction of a photo it published that claimed to show that a large lake had formed at the North Pole due to global warming. In its retraction, the AP admitted that not only was the “lake” simply a small melt-pond but that it was natural, not due to global warming. The AP also admitted that the “lake” wasn’t even at the North Pole, explaining that the monitoring station where the photo was taken had drifted hundreds of miles to the south.'

Globalist Agenda Rolling At Super Highway Speed Forcing Conscious Revolution to Accelerate

'There is a strange feeling in the air. It’s happening all across America, no really! People everywhere are being pushed to make critical decisions about their perception of the world they now live in. The speed of events is being artificially manipulated by the globalists; who evidently realize that time is running out and are seeking control and are going for it all. They are doing the obvious, like now introducing the North American Union, denying NSA spying exposed by whistleblowers and even creating world-wide fake terror stories to deflect the NSA spying scandal and to create justification for NSA at the same time.
The mainstream media seems to be falling apart at the seams, struggling between truth and lies with every story. Corrupt politicians are feeling pressured to go for it all and stand for illegal spying on Americans and standing for legislation that blatantly violates the Constitution. What’s a selected politician to do? ...'

Linear and Lateral Consciousness

'Throughout our world and, indeed, the entire universe all is governed by two polar opposite forces. These forces are namely Linear and Lateral Consciousness. The previous sentence can also be reduced to the following statement….. Time and Timelessness.
When all the layers of the onion are peeled away, this is what we will find. Linear and Lateral Consciousness are expressions of opposing forces of time. In fact we could actually say that humans are mere expressions of time.'