Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The Line of Duty

It’s the job of any spinner to stay out of camera shots at all times and protect your boss. So many are wondering what Ed’s spokesman was doing at the moment  the eggs were thrown at Miliband. Obviously he couldn’t do a Prezza, but James Stewart could have taken a bullet for his boss surely? If anything, it looks like he has just thrown an egg himself here. Last time Guido got into a confrontation with a Labour press officer, they were much more violent and he had to defend himself with a boom-mic…

Why Not Holiday In Gaza This Year?

The IDF are good at lot of things, not least social media. This week they are releasing new images of ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and just how bad the conditions are in the “open prison camp”:

Sadly, it’s not all swimming pools and beach volleyball. The markets and malls look good too:
Of course there is a darker side to Gaza too. As the IDF put it:
“Many Gazans have money, food and even luxuries that much of the world goes without. What is missing, however, is a stable, democratic government. The moment any Gazan speaks against Hamas or Islam in even the smallest way, they are punished severely with torture and death.”
Even the notoriously judgemental Trip Advisor says it’s “nice for a short stay”Don’t tell the Beeb…

Tories: Jean Edwards’ Cash Will Go to Debt Reduction

The Tories have announced that the £520,000 donation from Jean Edwards “will be used to reduce the national debt.”
Given that we owe more than £1,390,000,000,000 and rising, Tory MP Douglas Carswell points out:
“We’d need over 200,000 bequests like Ms Edwards’ this year just to stop national debt from continuing to rise.”
What a mess.


The comeback tour got off to a great start:
It’s an omelette-shambles!

The look on Ed’s spin man Bob Robert’s face says it all…
Pics via Sky and Andrew Parson.