Thursday, 8 August 2013

A selection of recent media reports

18 people found in refrigerated lorry on M25
EIGHTEEN people were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences after police stopped a refrigerated
Hertfordshire Mercury (07-Aug-2013)
Migrant threatens government with legal action over 'go home' vans spotted in Redbridge
A migrant has said 'go home' vans driving around Redbridge were so
Ilford Recorder (07-Aug-2013)
Human rights group respond to immigration advert
Human rights group Liberty has launched an advertisement accusing the Government of unlawfully (07-Aug-2013)
Bishop says immigrant purge is a macho stunt
THE Home Office's controversial round-up of illegal immigrants has been described as 'a macho PR stunt' by a leading West
Yorkshire Post (07-Aug-2013)
Asylum, Refugees and Immigration: Avoiding a Race to the Bottom
Immigration is once more high on the political agenda as the Home Office seek to
The Blog - Huffington Post (07-Aug-2013)
'Go home' vans: Liberty targets Home Office campaign
Vans with the slogan "Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally?
BBC News (06-Aug-2013)
Liberty drives through the streets of Brent in response to 'racist van' campaign
A civil liberty group drove through the streets of Brent to broadcast their
Kilburn Times (06-Aug-2013)
Liberty turns immigration tactics back on Home Office
Human rights group Liberty has hit back at the government's scheme to encourage overstaying (06-Aug-2013)
Mayor says immigrant posters 'could be friendlier'
Boris on Home Office illegal immigrant poster trucks: Frankly the language could be (06-Aug-2013)
Illegal immigrant paid to manage drug factory
POLICE found a large cannabis factory in Waltham being looked after by a Vietnamese woman who had been smuggled
This Is Grimsby (06-Aug-2013)

Press Releases

Chief Inspector of Immigration: Report on Juxtaposed Controls
8th August, 2013
Commenting on the report, Mr Alp Mehmet, Vice Chariman of Migration Watch UK said:
"The Chief Inspector is right to point to inadequate Border Force resources, especially at Calais. It is time the government accepted that an effective border control can't be had on the cheap and allocate sufficient resources to address an issue of significant public concern.? Security concerns may have led to some of the redactions in the report but it is difficult to see this as the reason for all of them. Transparency has to be the best policy, if only to show that the Home Office has nothing to hide."

Public Administration Select Committee Report on Migration Statistics
26th July, 2013
Commenting on the report, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:
"Better statistics would, of course, be helpful. But blunt instruments have their uses. The immigration target has been vital in turning around immigration policy which has already resulted in a reduction of approximately 100,000 in net migration. The exact figure may not be precise but there is no doubt that this is a major achievement."