Thursday, 8 August 2013

A selection of recent media reports

Theresa May criticised over UK borders inspection 'cover-up'
Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a "cover-up"
London Evening Standard (08-Aug-2013)
Theresa May accused of 'covering up' UK borders report
Campaigners accuse Home Secretary of hiding 'her own
The Independent (08-Aug-2013)
Illegal Housing Still Creating Massive Fire Risk
Unprecedented demand for housing is fueling the use of so-called "beds in sheds,"
Info4 Security (08-Aug-2013)
Eurostar loophole 'may still being used to sneak into UK'
Thousands of illegal immigrants may still be using a loophole on the Eurostar to sneak into the (08-Aug-2013)
Immigration Coverage Dominated By The Word 'Illegal', Major Study Of Newspapers Finds
An overwhelmingly negative image of immigrants is portrayed by
The Huffington Post (United Kingdom) (08-Aug-2013)
Theresa May Accused Of UK Border 'Cover Up'
Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a "cover-up"
The Huffington Post (United Kingdom) (08-Aug-2013)
Labour: Theresa May is 'hiding her own failings'
The Home Secretary has been accused of 'hiding her own failings' by preventing sections of a report into UK (08-Aug-2013)
May accused of borders 'cover-up'
Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a "cover-up"
London Evening Standard (08-Aug-2013)
Theresa May accused of migration warnings 'cover-up'
HOME Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a cover-up after refusing to publish parts of a (08-Aug-2013)
Report redaction prompts criticism of May
Home Secretary Theresa May has been accused of a cover-up after she used legal powers to keep parts of a critical
Herald Scotland (08-Aug-2013)

Briefing Paper

Forged Documents - Refugee Convention Article 31 
8th August, 2013
The 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees (the Refugee Convention) is the United Nations treaty regulating the acceptance by Contracting States of persons claiming asylum on account of their fleeing persecution in their countries of origin for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Various aspects of the law relating to asylum are discussed in several legal briefing papers on this website. The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to a recent decision of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal relating to the application of Article 31 of the Refugee Convention and the related section 31 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. Article 31 is headed “Refugees unlawfully in the country of refuge” …
To see the full Briefing Paper No 8.73 click here.

Press Releases

Chief Inspector of Immigration: Report on Juxtaposed Controls
8th August, 2013
Commenting on the report, Mr Alp Mehmet, Vice Chariman of Migration Watch UK said:
"The Chief Inspector is right to point to inadequate Border Force resources, especially at Calais. It is time the government accepted that an effective border control can't be had on the cheap and allocate sufficient resources to address an issue of significant public concern.? Security concerns may have led to some of the redactions in the report but it is difficult to see this as the reason for all of them. Transparency has to be the best policy, if only to show that the Home Office has nothing to hide."

Public Administration Select Committee Report on Migration Statistics
26th July, 2013
Commenting on the report, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:
"Better statistics would, of course, be helpful. But blunt instruments have their uses. The immigration target has been vital in turning around immigration policy which has already resulted in a reduction of approximately 100,000 in net migration. The exact figure may not be precise but there is no doubt that this is a major achievement."