Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August 21, 2013

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I Got Fired Again: Are you willing to sacrifice your job because you would not look the other way?  Should we remain silent when we see dishonesty, especially in a Christian environment?  Is your job more valuable than your integrity?
--With Coach Dave Daubenmire
Please welcome our newest contributing writer, Patti Jo Edwards of Grants Pass, Oregon.

The Genetically Modified Chicken
As of this writing, 14 flocks were tested by an accredited laboratory in Portland, Oregon. The flocks ranged freely on pasture, were housed in moveable pens so that they could be moved to fresh pasture daily and were released on that pasture to freely graze. Organic chickens are given no GMO feeds. The test results show organic pastured eggs are 4 to 6 times richer in vitamin D. They also contain......
by Patti Jo Edwards

Win the Common Core Battle But Lose the War?
There is something very evil afoot here and it breaks my heart to see so many good Americans, mainly Moms, cooperating in the demise of our pre-1965, highly successful education system and the very capitalist economic system that has drawn millions of foreigners to our shores in order to experience upward mobility through political and economic freedom. They could not be aware that the plan to change our capitalist economic system to a planned economy was cooked up many years ago by the.........
by Charlotte Iserbyt

Our devalued currency and war against the dollar Our devalued currency and war against the dollar. Protect your assets with the only real money - gold. Call Harvey Gordin at USA Gold Vault today - 602-228-8203.

Are the Youth Falling for Media Spin Doctor’s Lies?
America has allowed themselves to be deceived by the mainstream media, so much so that they believe that young students across this country are accepting of all forms of immorality, when in fact they are rejecting it. Amidst a generation that suffers the highest suicide rates, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion and anti-depressant usage – this is hardly the case. I have seen this firsthand.......
by Bradlee Dean

Al Jazeera Targets America
Anti-Al Jazeera posters have recently appeared in Egypt saying, “A bullet kills a man, a lying camera kills a nation.” This attitude led to the new government closing the channel, after 22 staffers quit in disgust over its pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias. Al Jazeera is the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group now laying siege to Egypt and burning Christian churches there.......
by Cliff Kincaid