Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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ToryDiary: "For the police to acquiesce to crime is an abdication of their duty. That aquiescence starts at very low levels - when you think about it, posters telling people to hide their valuables due to the risk of pickpockets send a clear message that police are giving up, and resorting to victim-blaming rather than crime-fighting."Police failure in Balcombe has spurred on mob rule across the country - the Sussex PCC should get tough
Blue BadgerLorraine Platt on Comment: "Badgers are a protected species and a valued intrinsic part of our countryside, loved by the British public. An e-petition recently attracted more than 263,000 public signatures against the planned cull. Recently, a letter was sent to David Cameron signed by 100 celebrities, conservation organisations, scientists and vets."The Government must heed the scientific evidence against the badger cull
Also on Comment, Grant Shapps presents an invitation:Join me at this year's Conservative Party Conference in Manchester
Today's ConservativeHome newslinks
Home Secretary was briefed in advance on David Miranda arrest
Police"The home secretary has confirmed that she was given advanced notice of the decision by the police to detain David Miranda, the partner of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, at Heathrow airport. As part of an offensive by the government to justify the detention, the home secretary praised the police action on the grounds that Miranda possessed sensitive documents which could help terrorists and "lead to a loss of lives"." - The Guardian 
Drilling to restart in Balcombe
Growth ConHome"After a day of action where the protesters were cleared away from the main gate, lorries and workers were yesterday escorted safely by police onto the site. Following the arrest of 29 people – including Green MP Caroline Lucas – campaigner numbers have fallen to a third of the 1,200 present during the weekend. The ‘Reclaim the Power’ camp that was set up two miles away in a farmer’s field was also being dismantled yesterday and due to be completely cleared by tonight." - Daily Mail
Hurd: Schools failing to give pupils the grit to get a job
"Young people are failing to find work because they lack ‘grit’, a minister has warned. Nick Hurd insisted that ‘social skills and discipline’ are every bit as essential for success as qualifications – yet they are not being taught in schools. The minister for civil society also said he was struck by the ‘crushingly low’ self-confidence of many youngsters and the effect this has on their employment prospects." - Daily Mail 
  • Unite produce propaganda posters for schools - Daily Mail 
  • Classroom rebels should pipe down or get out - The Sun Says (£) 
  • Prince Charles' 'mole' worked in Hurd's private office - Daily Mail 
Treasury estimates HS2 cost at £73bn
"Treasury officials are privately warning that the cash cost of the controversial High Speed 2 rail line will hit £73bn, in a sign of the entrenched and escalating concern within the department over the project. The official projected cost of the flagship scheme is £42.6bn, but senior Treasury officials are using a much bigger figure to add bite to their criticism of the scheme." - FT 
  • It will drive growth, says Osborne - FT 
Miliband is failing the key tests of opposition
Labour Rose Wilting"There are three basic rules for a modern opposition party — practised with overmastering aplomb by Tony Blair, who won a landslide, and with less success by David Cameron, who didn’t win at all but nonetheless gained a big swing and ousted a government. The Labour leader has broken every one of them." - Paul Goodman, The Times (£) 
All hail Maude's Whitehall savings
"Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude is to be congratulated for overseeing a major change in the culture of Whitehall when it comes to more responsible stewardship of taxpayers' money. A saving of £6.5billion by reducing waste, clamping down on tax-dodging and targeting welfare fraud may only amount to about one per cent of overall public spending. But it still equates to £400 per working family." -Daily Express Leader 
EU Exit
£205 billion is not enough - Greece needs another bailout
"Debt-riddled Greece will need a third bailout as the crisis in the eurozone rumbles on, German’s finance minister declared last night. Wolfgang Schaeuble, one of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s most powerful allies, warned that the previous rescue packages totalling £205billion will not be enough to save the stricken country. ‘There will have to be another programme in Greece,’ he said." - Daily Mail
UKIP Chief Exec quits over Farage's unaccountable dominance
UKIP_mag 3"He joined Ukip last year, and said he found a chaotic and disorganised party built around Mr Farage’s personality and whims. "The thing I am most shocked by is that Nigel does his own thing without the party knowing where he is or what he is doing,” he said." - Daily Telegraph
  • Godfrey Bloom offends some more people - The Times (£) 
News in brief
And finally…
Rats in Parliament
"More than £100,000 has been spent clearing vermin from the Houses of Parliament in 16 months, it emerged yesterday. Most of the cash was spent laying traps and poison for mice in offices, bars and corridors across the eight-acre estate." - The Sun (£) 
Yesterday on ConservativeHome
ToryDiary: "I’ve referred to Halfon’s work many times on ConservativeHome, including in this article – and I make no apologies for doing so. It’s a demonstration that working with the unions, rather than just politicking at their expense, can have an appreciable effect. And that’s a point that bears repeating." CCHQ should ask a simple question about Robert Halfon’s popularity among trade unionists in Harlow – how?
Joe Armitage on Comment: It's time to nationalise exam marking