Wednesday, 14 August 2013

They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em!

    The BBC joyously and shamelessly joined in the campaign against Murdoch, their media and ideological rival. The BBC and its cabal of Guardianistas and celebrity sleazeballs instigated the Leveson Inquiry and the resultant sham of a press regulator…designed it seems solely to rein in Murdoch. But now that old phrase ‘Careful what you wish for’ springs to mind as the Guardianistas are panicking. Their all powerful fabricator of the news agenda … Continue reading 


Wonder how the BBC managed to miss this one? A POLICEMAN dealing with a 13-year-old runaway was surrounded by Asian men and subjected to racist abuse by one of them. Blackburn magistrates heard Tahir Hussain swore at the officer and told him to go ‘back to where you live’. “Asian men”….mmmm. Oh, you mean MUSLIMS? Even the Lancashire Telegraph uses euphemisms. Meanwhile the BBC just avoids the story…  

The Lost Generation

            Mass immigration has created …… ‘A Lost Generation…it is really sad for British people’….so said ‘Elizabeth’ on 5Live today whose son is unemployed. (09:25) Labour is guilty of breathtaking hypocrisy over foreign workers A British ‘underclass’ was created on its watch – but all Labour does is blame everyone else   The BBC helped create that ‘lost generation’.  A generation of working class youth … Continue reading