Wednesday, 14 August 2013

They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em!

The BBC joyously and shamelessly joined in the campaign against Murdoch, their media and ideological rival.
The BBC and its cabal of Guardianistas and celebrity sleazeballs instigated the Leveson Inquiry and the resultant sham of a press regulator…designed it seems solely to rein in Murdoch.
But now that old phrase ‘Careful what you wish for’ springs to mind as the Guardianistas are panicking.
Their all powerful fabricator of the news agenda may be going to come under some serious scrutiny and regulation which may limit its overpowering reach.
Polly Toynbee is distraught that this democratic asset,  this defiant symbol of non-market success, this monument for the Public good may be restrained, its dominance curtailed, it’s present splendour diminished.

Who will buy all those copies of the Guardian if the BBC goes under? 
Polly might have to get a real job instead of sitting on her well paid backside telling us how awful it must be to be poor.

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35 Responses to They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em!

  1. George R says:
    Arch-’Guardian’-BBC-Labour Party political propagandist, Ms TOYNBEEB, churns out another predictable piece today, demanding that the the financial, monopolistic, political status of the BBC is sacrocanct.
    I was particularly amused by this bit:-
    “Let no one doubt how much the BBC agonises over bias, although its self-criticism, recently on immigration and climate change reporting, is always seized on as another weapon by its enemies.”
    Yes, Beeboids sitting around, agonising, working out just how much political bias they can get away with for:- the Labour Party, the E.U., mass immigration, Islam, Green Peace, Obama,etc., etc.
    [-from previous 'Open Thread'.]
  2. K Hsays:
    The BBC is about as much of a democratic asset as Pravda was in the old Soviet Union.
    That the idiot fool Toynbee could even begin to have the slightest notion of having a fleeting impluse to fire a single neuron in the regard of thinking this, shows her to be so utterly inept and divorced from all reality.
    The BBC is the biggest threat to real democratic accountability we have in this country.
  3. D P says:
    Tory outriders join the fray, as the Centre for Policy Studies this week claims the BBC is biased leftwards by favouring reports of centre-left over centre-right thinktanks. That’s highly specious without independent assessment of the relative quality and news-worthiness of the research in those reports: IPPR v IEA is a no-brainer for news content.
    That’s the same thing I say about the BBC’s defense of their impartiality and getting it about right, based on their claim that they get complaints from both sides.
  4. F*** the Beeb says:
    News International broke the law. Press regulation had to be enforced to prevent this from happening again. But, quite hypocritically, the same left-based sources that demanded action on Murdoch now wish to be excused from the same principles and practices despite both the Guardian and the BBC not only showing blatant bias and careful selection of information they publish, but also on several occasions broadcasting libelous stories that have later turned out to be not only untrue, but engineered or accepted as fact on the premise of who the victim was (usually Conservative MPs).
    The BBC and the Guardian thought they could live by a different set of rules from its competition, and they’re both now finding out that’s not possible or acceptable.
    • Rtd Colonel says:
      Not to mention the current fraud investigation on over generous pay offs, the blowing of £100M on the digital programme (has to be misconduct in public office); a no. of examples of at the very least facilitating the activities of paedophiles on their premises and turning a blind; reported cheats on quiz shows and programmes even the naming of the Blue Peter animals; a lot of murky stuff hushed up by external lawyers and redacted evidence; possible expenses frauds – have all of those people who moved to Manchester done so and if not returned the generous relocation packages – do they fund travel and hotel expenses themselves or via the taxpayer – the alleged looting of old premises by staff, etc etc,
  5. johnnythefish says:
    Toynbee says, presumably keeping a straight face whilst typing her copy:
    ‘You might think any true Conservative would want to conserve the BBC, a landmark of Britishness, globally admired export-earner, cultural nourisher, its independence proven by clashes with every government.’
    Well, I for one couldn’t keep a straight face reading it.